Keep the Fire Burning

Online dating can be tricky. The person you are dating might lose interest as the time goes by. So how can you keep the fire burning? And how can you tell the difference between a cold relationship versus a dead end? But before even deciding to end a relationship with someone you date, at least make an effort to light up the fire again by following these simple ways.


Three Sweet Words Can Warm Three Months of Long Winter

Communication is important in every aspect of our life. Whether you have a chaotic family relationship, troublesome co-workers, or a cold relationship with your special someone, communication can turn things around. Go on a date and dive into meaningful conversations while visiting Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Send sweet messages every morning letting the other person know that you are thinking about him or her. Simple messages can lead to a quick realization that person may mean more than just a date.

Travel Together

It’s true what they say that you’ll truly get to know a person once you travel with him or her. You’ll see how each other react in new places and unfamiliar scenarios during your travel. Traveling together unlocks many special moments together. Aside from discovering places, you’ll get to know each other really well. Go for Amsterdam canal tour and walk while holding each other’s hands. You’ll find out about what does he or she like when it comes to food and more. Take advantage of every moment to get to know a person and show your other side too. Don’t be afraid to show who you truly are. This is the perfect time to know whether both of you can compromise on each other flaws and imperfections.

Dating wine

Sip Wine Over Dinner

What makes a friendship last? It is the bonding time together especially those moments when you and you’re friends are influenced by alcohol. It may be odd advice but it works. Great relationships are made stronger with wine. Sometimes we need a little help from wine so we can crash the walls we built around ourselves preventing people to get in.