How to Know If You Are in a Healthy Relationship

You and Your Partner Have a World of Your Own

We remember a story from our friend about her parents maintained a smooth sailing relationship for over 20 years. She said that her parents have a world of their own that no one is allowed to enter. She saw how her parents look at each other with an assurance that everything is going to be alright. Her parents enjoyed visiting Amsterdam city pass while fully engaged in an intimate conversation about their past. If you and you’re partner reached to a point of ultimate mutual understanding, a new world starts to form. That world is your safe haven from the stress of the outside world.


You are a Team that Doesn’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When the relationship reaches a level of comfort, you began to accept his or her flaws. You no longer get mad when your partner forgot to put his dirty clothes to the laundry, it doesn’t matter if he forgot to brush his teeth before going to bed and still offer him hugs and kisses. Your partner accepts that you no longer shave your legs and so on. Small stuff doesn’t matter anymore because you have accepted him or her perfectly. And that’s healthy.

The Fight is Always Settled Before Going to Bed

dating A fight is inevitable in every relationship. What matter is how you both deal with the issue. When you and your partner have the urge to settle a fight before going to bed, you are in a healthy relationship. This only shows that both of you know that what you have as a couple is so much more important than the things you fight over. The next day, you both wake up and plan something to cheer each other up. You plan a short trip to the boat rental Amsterdam and have a good time. A healthy relationship might involve fights from time to time but however strong the argument is, love wins.