How Should You Create Your Online Dating Account?

For people who are serious in finding their partner online, the profile is crucial in attracting the right person. However, too much advertisement of oneself could make one look desperate or even untrue. Avoid the common mistakes of online dating account creation by following these simple tips.


Upload Your Recent Photo

Many people use old pictures and sometimes fake pictures on their profile. If you want to find the perfect partner who can accompany you in Amsterdam holiday, be true. Never upload someone else’s picture. You may get a one date or two but the point is it won’t last because the start of your relationship is based on pretensions. It may end up unpleasantly.

Provide More Information About Your Hobbies and Interestdating

Another section where people exaggerate their information is the hobbies and interest section. We have seen profiles stating that they are very active, they love extreme sports, they exercise, and so on. But when they finally meet their date who is into those types of activities, they can’t keep up. It’s okay if you have simpler hobbies such as reading books, watching movies, and travel from time to time and rent a bike from Amsterdam bike rental. Provide more information about your hobbies but never forget to put only real information. A relationship based on deception is never a good thing.

Check Your Grammar

If you are not a grammar nerd nor good at writing, that’s okay. But at least make an effort to double check your writing before hitting the submit button. You can use free apps to check whether you have grammar errors or spelling errors. Your online profile is your online representation. It would be a major turn off if your profile is full of grammatical errors.

Present Yourself with Humility

Humility varies in men and women. But based on the survey, people are attracted to someone who shows humility compared to someone who boasts. When writing your profile, avoid making your presentation sounding self-absorb and bragging, making you look like someone who has excessive pride.